Lexington, VA Full of Wonders and Hidden Gems

There is so much to do in Lexington and the surrounding area, that I won't even begin to list the options.  We will grow this section as time goes on, but for now these are some of my favorites.


Abigail Inn

Lexington Carriage Company

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do!" is the saying.  Well, we could apply this one to when in Lexington, one should enjoy and discover Lexington the way it should be.  Why spend hours walking around trying to figure out the history of the town and it's two Universities.  Just keep it simple and let this amazing team guide you through Lexington's history.  It is AMAZING!  All it took was 55 minutes with the Lexington Carriage Company and I felt so enlightened!  

You can go with the regular tour and meet them at their spot right across from the Lexington Visitors Center Bureau or go Private and be picked up at the doors steps of the Inn.  We have tickets at the Inn ready for you, but if you want to go private simply call them and they will walk you through the reservation process.  Either way, this is the best activity in town.



Abigail Inn

Quail Ridge Sporting Club

Lexington and it's surrounding area offers a great deal of activities.  You will find everything from hiking and biking trails, fishing, golfing and so much more.  One of my all time favorite though is clay shooting.  This is an amazing and fun activity which could be a part of your class reunion or your weekend get away.

Just call them and they will tell you all about their services.


Abigail Inn

Approximate Distances:

Washington, DC - 188 miles
Richmond - 136 miles
Charlottesville - 70 miles
Roanoke - 53 miles
Staunton - 35 miles
Beckley, WV - 120 miles